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Non-Verbal Behavior

Page history last edited by Mrs. Iman Ali 15 years, 6 months ago


     Sometimes misunderstanding between different Cultures appear , especially in non-verbal behavior . If you know some examples mention them down there for us .

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Alaa Awadh said

at 11:15 pm on Jan 16, 2009

The name of God the Merciful

1-men and women in everything, whether in this country.

In another country, only women of the house and is not responsible what is happening outside her home, only its dealings with its people ..

That is what I was able to write and will come back again


Mrs. Iman Ali said

at 1:27 pm on Jan 17, 2009

Wecome Alaa to our wiki ,
Thank you , But I want you to give me examples of """ non- verbal""" behavior
Thanks Alot (((( Try again)))

Alaa Awadh said

at 12:26 am on Jan 18, 2009

The name of God the Merciful

We usually have a finger licking habits usually Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, usually beneficial, since the finger containing the bacteria to help digestion
The understanding of the practice as barbaric and a bad way for Muslims to eat.


Mrs. Iman Ali said

at 1:06 am on Jan 18, 2009

Excellent Alaa this a great answer.

Ishraq Awadh said

at 10:49 pm on Jan 18, 2009

First... sometime put hand in front another person it is meaning he does not that person talk .
The misunderstanding maybe aim stay or another meaning be slow if he drive fast.
If first is wrong I have another .....
Second...put hand on face one side is meaning he think .
The misunderstanding maybe he sad ..
Thats all...

Iman mohammad said

at 11:50 pm on Jan 18, 2009

there is alot of misunderstanding happen in nonverbal behavior like;
when someone ask you something and you donot doing or saying anything some people will think it is yes and will think the oppesite
That is all Ihave
thank you

Mrs. Iman Ali said

at 7:22 pm on Jan 19, 2009

Thanks Ishraq and Iman ,
Very good answer .

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